Neuroscience Pasta Night: 12/10/14

We are initiating a new departmental activity on Wednesday December 10th. The idea is to have fun preparing dinner together and discussing a current neuroscience topic. Hopefully, this less structured and fun activity will stimulate more spontaneous interactions and collaborations between all of us in the department. Everyone is welcome, students, faculty and staff.

The topic for the first pasta night is “The Connectome”. The discussion will be led by Scott Emmons who provided the following background reading (attached). Please come to share your thoughts and perspectives. Is the connectome the best thing since sliced bread or a total waste of time?

WHEN: Wednesday, December 10th

WHERE: Kennedy 901


  • 5:00pm: A group of us will start cooking and setting up. The menu includes Fettuccini “Cacio e pepe” and Papardelle “all’ Amattriciana”. White and Red will be wines selected by our own expert Costa Dobrenis.
  • 6:00pm: Dinner and discussion led by Scott.

Please come join us for cooking and a nice discussion.



From Scott:

Everybody come with a favorite neuron in mind that they would like to know the connectivity of: Imagine that Gerry Rubin has offered you a lab at Janelia Farm and the services of Davie Bock and his giant electron microscope to determine the connectivity of any neuron you want. But first, you have to explain to Gerry what neuron it would be and why you want to know its connectivity.

From Pablo:

Here is link to another paper for background reading:

From Alberto:

More background reading:

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